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If you’re having problems with vehicle transmission, it’s important to get it to us as quickly as possible.

Your transmission, better known as a gear box, is vital to the smooth running of your vehicle as it changes the gear of your engine, keeping your car moving in the right direction.

Made up of hundreds of components working together to move your vehicle, your transmission uses a transmission fluid which allows for cooling and lubrication, which in turn helps exert force and pressure.

The maintenance of your transmission is important to not only the smooth running of your car, but also your safety. Old or dirty transmission fluid can lead to issues, such as loss of acceleration, difficulty when changing gears, and as a worst case scenario, total transmission failure.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of transmission troubles or failure, come in to see our friendly team before things get worse, and more expensive!

There are many ways to tell there’s a problem with your transmission… if you experience any of these, you need to get in to see us as soon as possible. Symptoms of transmission problems include:

  • whining and clunking: these are signs we often ignore, but when your car starts making unusual noises, its time to get it checked out by us!
  • lack of response: your car is designed to do what you want it to, so when it has a delayed response, its time to get it checked!
  • burning smell: never a good sign for your car, the most common cause is the overheating of transmission fluid.
  • leaking fluid: this is one of the easiest symptoms to spot and should be information that you share with us!
  • grinding gears: a rough shift rather than a shift you don't notice means you should bring it into us to get a diagnosis.
  • noisy in neutral: if you hear sounds when you’re in neutral, bring it into us to see whats up.
  • dashboard lights: don't ignore your dashboard lights, it could mean all sorts of thing, and its better to get it checked early before it’s too late!

Contact our friendly team for any more information on your car servicing & repairs.

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